We went to Oldenburg (Germany) for a weekend of Kale. Crazy but fun!

As Dutchies, we thought: Kale is Dutch, right. But no. Oldenburg is a city with a lot of Kale. Years and years they organize ‘Kohltours’. We come together at the space for Tourisme. We got a car full of food and drinks. We got a small cup around our neck to keep us warm with… SCHNAPPS! And: kale tea. Pretty good, actually. Through the city we went throwing a ball as a competition. A healthy lunch, a sandwich with kale, goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes. You can find more information at www.kohltourhauptstadt.de.

In the afternoon we had a beer tasting and yes, there was kale beer, at OL’s Brauhaus. We tasted a lot and it was amazing. The atmosphere, the beer, the people we were with.

In the night we went to Glut & Wasser. Ofcourse we had kale, but not in the Dutch way. It’s a secret how they made it. But it was delicious. The dessert was ‘Rote Grütze’, a sauce of red fruits with on top vanille sauce.

The next day we had a tour around the Botanical garden of Carl von Ossietzky Universität. They are doing research for kale. In the garden there were a lot of different type of kale from German to Italian. Our tour man Christopher told about the health benefits of kale, well, that was a lot! More info, you’ll find here.

After the tour we had kale pesto, kale spread, kale bread and even chocolate with kale.

Have you ever been to Oldenburg?

Barbara (29) loves to hike, yoga and dance. Teaching is what I do with all love and passion. Would love to meet you some day!

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