Stairs, fog and magic. I’m almost there!

I slept amazing in my super cool bedstee. We had breakfast together with the volunteers and then we went to Padron. There we waited for the church to open to get a stamp. If you had a stamp here and went to the tourisme shop, you’ll get a Padronia as well. It only opened at 10, so I said goodbye to Daria who wanted to walk all the way to Santiago today. But I had an extra day, because I would get a surprise on Thursday.

I waited in Padron. Went to the Convention of Carmen and then went all the way op to Santiaguino do Monte. That was a lot of stairs! I saw Padron in the fog while the sun was coming up. Amazing!

After the visit to the Tourism I got my Padronia and went to Teo. On the way I found this cute little puppy and gave him some cookies. He was scared of the other people but loved the cookies.

The albergue was almost full when I arrived at 12. The shower here was tiny and with the other ladies. The sun was shining and I went to the Mambo Chill Out with smoothies and gazpacho and nachos. It was more expensive then the local food. But the vibe was amazing and the food as well.

After this I had a beer with a lot of Germans but after a while I got to tired to understand the language. I went to the albergue and had a talk with a couple from South Africa, they gave me a nice red wine. A strange feeling to know that tomorrow it’s all done…

Barbara (29) loves to hike, yoga and dance. Teaching is what I do with all love and passion. Would love to meet you some day!

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