The Monastery close to Padron is amazing, although we were there 5 hours to early!

We wanted to start at 7, but someone’s alarm got off at 5, so we got up and we went. We wanted to go to the Monastery close to Padron. Some extra km but that’s okay. I was bitten by a wasp on the way.

We came there at 11, within an hours all 30 beds are full. It opened at 16. We waited in the sun. Luckily a little bakery came and we could by some bread. We had a pilgrim line with our bags, but once it opened, people ignored it and went in. We were a bit upset, because we were the first to arrive. So we grabbed our bags and just went to the front of the line.

We have a kind of bedstee for two persons. It looks really amazing. You can close the curtain as well. At 18 we had a tour around the building and environment. At 20 we had a special mass for pilgrims. At the end of the mass of every country one person had to read a poem. I was the only one from the Netherlands, so I had to read mine. It was beautiful.

At 21 we had diner. This was amazing, even with wine and all. It felt really amazing having all these pilgrims and volunteers together spreading love and stories.

Everything was donation based. Absolutely amazing!

Barbara (29) loves to hike, yoga and dance. Teaching is what I do with all love and passion. Would love to meet you some day!

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