Full Moon is gone and I feel great again. No pain, no people who snore. 5 o’clock I’m awake and up and running!

Today I had an encounter with a crazy dog that growled at me. For a while I couldn’t go because he didn’t want to let me pass…

In Rondela I took some time for coffee and cake. I saw so many pilgrims, it was crazy. Before my stop there as a split. A man told me straight on was only over the road and left was through the woods. I took the woods. But it felt like a lot longer than the other one. Daria was already at the albergue and sent me the location. There was already a line! From the outside it looked really beautiful. But on the inside… It was 40 people in 1 room. The bath rooms were getting dirtier by the minute. When we started to cook, we saw a mouse!

We went to the village to do some shopping. BUT. It was sunday and catholics don’t open on Sunday.

Barbara (29) loves to hike, yoga and dance. Teaching is what I do with all love and passion. Would love to meet you some day!

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